Over The Air Services (OTA)

Most if not all of us remember growing up with Over The Air Television.  Where I lived, we were lucky to receive three major networks; ABC, NBC, and CBS. This all worked magically through rabbit ear antennas. If you were not so lucky, you had to put up a larger, higher, more powerful antenna.

The great news back then was that it was all FREE!


Today, OTA services are still out there for FREE! That is good news. If you have a strong enough signal at your home and have a good enough antenna to receive the signal, you can receive this all for FREE. (Ignoring the cost of the Antenna)


If you want to go the route of OTA, you must DO YOUR RESEARCH!  This cannot be emphasized enough. 


There are many free tools available to start researching the probability of receiving OTA signals at your home. Links are given below for some of these tools.


There are many paid for services that can guide you through the process. Some of those are listed below.



Internet Servic Providers