Streaming Device Information

Streaming devices bridge the TV signal from the Internet and allow it to be displayed on a TV. Sometimes they are standalone physical devices that plug into the TV, or sometimes these devices are built right into the TV. If the device is built into a TV, the TV is a form of Smart TV that you might have heard of. If it is a stand-alone device that must be plugged into the TV, you are connecting to a "Dumb TV". Either will work to bridge the TV signal from the Internet to the Smart or Dumb TV. If it connects to the TV most likely it will use one of the common HDMI ports to do so. Videos and links provided below represent some of the common devices used for bridging the signal to your TV. If you have multiple Dumb TV's, you must have an equal number of plug-in stand-alone devices to stream to those TVs. An exception would be to own one device, and physically move it from TV to TV while using. This is not practical, but it is nice to take one with you while traveling. 

Common Devices

  • Roku

  • Amazon Firestick

  • Apple TV

  • Google Chromecast