Getting Started

Cord cutting can be defined in many ways. First could be cutting the landline telephone. This merely means calling up your telephone provider and canceling your service. You would, therefore, use cell phones exclusively for phone use. The next type of cord cutting is more the focus of our group. That refers to eliminating costly TV packages that seem to have an endless spiral to higher fees typically brought to you via a cable or fiber line. It is possible you are currently receiving your TV via a satellite signal. Cord cutting is, therefore, a general term, since not all cords are equal. 


 The best advice is to proceed slowly, do your research, and utilize all resources available to you. Research is the key. You must learn all that you can and make good decisions from there. This page has some research videos that you should watch if you are just starting out. These will explain the basics of cord cutting. These videos are from Youtube and are appropriately titled "Cord Cutting 101".