Local Internet Service Providers (ISP)

ISP's in The Villages range from local cable to phone line DSL, to Fiber, to Satellite services. Each provides internet service, but may or not be available in your area. To determine availability, it is recommended to utilize the tool shown below. From there, your local options will be shown and you can proceed from there. Many providers are offering no contract month to month services while others are offering "price for life" guarantees. Bandwidth requirements for streaming is not a fixed science, however, most resources indicate a requirement of 5Mbps per-stream minimum with 10Mbps a better suggestion. Keep in mind that ISP's will quote an "up to" speed, which is not guaranteed to be a consistently available stream. Expect to see offers from 25Mbps up to full Gigabit speeds. The author of this page has 80Mbps speed and it works perfectly at all times for streaming.


The bottom line is that an internet provider is a requirement to provide streaming.


Keep in mind that cellular providers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile are entering the market with offerings of home internet at 5G speeds. These are being rolled out to geographic areas over time and it will be most likely available in our area eventually. Time will tell. I even read about companies such as Amazon launching low altitude satellites to provide worldwide internet. 



Internet Servic Providers  

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